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WoW Classic Season of Mastery Name Reservation Details

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On Thursday, November 11 at 6:00 p.m. PST, we’re opening Season of Mastery realms for name reservation. This will give players several days to create their main character and coordinate with others before the Season of Mastery begins on November 16.

To prepare for name reservation, select WoW Classic in your Launcher, and then ‘World of Warcraft Classic’ in the Game Version & Account list. Season of Mastery realms will appear in-game on a new ‘Seasonal’ tab in the WoW Classic realm selector.

During name reservation, you will be able to create a maximum of one character per WoW account. If you change your mind about anything after you’ve created your character, you can delete that character and create a new one on any available realm in your region. In this region, the initial realms for name reservation will be:

Location – Realm Name – Realm Type (NA Realms)

  • U.S. East – Barman Shanker – PvP
  • U.S. East – Jom Gabbar – PvP
  • U.S. East – Shadowstrike – Normal
  • U.S. West – Mutanus – PvP
  • U.S. West – Nightfall – PvP
  • U.S. West – Obsidian Edge – Normal
  • Australia – Lionheart – Normal
  • Australia – Swamp of Sorrows – PvP

Realm Name – Realm Type (EU Realms)

  • Bonescythe – PvP
  • Dreadnaught – PvP
  • Ironfoe – PvP
  • Kingsfall – Normal
  • Quel’Serrar – Normal

Please note that for name reservation, each realm is configured to allow a limited number of total characters created, and if a realm becomes full, that realm will no longer allow further names to be reserved. If realms are reaching a full state during name reservation, we may open additional realms as soon as November 12. Before opening additional realms, we will post notices in the World of Warcraft Classic discussion forum.

After Season of Mastery begins on November 16, the limits of one character per WoW account and the maximum number of characters allowed per realm will be removed.

For more information on Season of Mastery, check out our announcement here and our design intentions posts here and here.

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