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Restarts for Tuesday Maintenance

Originally Posted by Belcorin (Official Post)
On Tuesday, November 24, all realms will be restarted between 05:00 AM and 06:00 AM PST. An in-game notice will be given 15 minutes prior to the restarts.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.

Edited by Belcorin on 11/20/2015 5:29 PM PST

BetaWatch Has Begun!

When will Legion Beta launch? Today? Tomorrow? SOON™?

Fel Reaver noises are being heard in and around Stormshield – is an invasion imminent?


Aílis-Mok’Nathal heard it with her own ears this morning, as she flew into Stormsheild…




What do you think? Are we prepared? Should we be afraid?



Gameplay/Lore Resources on YouTube

Want to learn more about WoW lore or take your gaming to the next level in LEGION? There is a host of resources on the web that offers tips and advice on how to increase your game play and overall knowledge of the World of Warcraft. Here are a few of my favorite WoW YouTubers:

1) TUSKEH – Offers great insight into how to play the Shaman class. His guides are ultra informative but very easy to follow. They are great for Shaman players of all levels. Tuskeh’s YT page also offers raiding videos. Word of warning: Although Tuskeh’s Shaman guides are PG, his raiding videos are definitely for more mature audiences.

2) ABILITY POWERED GAMING – This YouTuber offers great insight into merging accessibility and game play. She does reviews of game add-ons and how to configure them. She… Continue reading

Patch Day Maintenance for November 17



Originally Posted by Belcorin (Official Post)

We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, November 17, at 07:00 AM PST to apply patch 6.2.3 and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 03:00 PM PST. During this time the game will be unavailable for play.

Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.



Patch 6.2.3 Launch Confirmed for November 17th!


Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

During scheduled maintenance on Tuesday, November 17, we’ll release Patch 6.2.3, bringing cross-realm Mythic raiding, new Timewalking dungeons, the return of the Valor currency, the Grove Warden mount, and more to the game.

Tuesday’s maintenance period will also mark the end of the current PvP season and the beginning of Warlords Season 3. In the new season, you’ll have a chance to earn new PvP gear, including the Warmongering Aspirant (PvP item level 715), Warmongering Combatant (ilvl 730), and Warmongering Gladiator (ilvl 740) sets.

For those interested in diving into dungeons, the very first Cataclysm Timewalking Bonus Event begins Wednesday, November 18, featuring Grim Batol, Stonecore, Lost City of Tol’vir, Vortex Pinnacle, Throne of Tides, and End Time. We’re also expanding the Northrend Timewalking Bonus Event to include Pit of… Continue reading

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