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Rolling Restarts on Tuesday – 26 Aug 2014


Originally Posted by Neekliam (Official Post)


We’ll be performing rolling restarts for all realms beginning at 5:00 AM PDT. Each realm should be affected for no more than 15 minutes once their restart begins.

Thank you for your patience.







Warlords Beta Realms – Maintenance & New Build 21 August

Realms are still up as of 4:00a PDT – I don’t know what time they will go offline.


Originally Posted by Zorbrix aka Capt Turnip (Official Post)

Greetings All!

The Beta realms will be coming down for maintenance tomorrow morning (Thursday, 8/21) in order to deploy a new build. I’ll be updating this thread with information and time estimates as I receive them. We hope to finish realm maintenance on all realms before our “Play with the Blues” event at 3:00 pm PDT (except for the Level 100 PvE Beta Realm which will stay down a bit longer),

Starting this thread pretty early to give you folks a heads up

I’ll be leaving this thread open for general discussion as long as people remain civil and follow forum rules.





Warlords Beta Build 18738: Improved Graphics!

Warlords Beta updated last night with Build 18738. With this build came some improvements in the graphics, with enhanced character screens and general visual improvements. In this short video, Aoife shows you some of the improvements. Turn up the video resolution to HD for best viewing.







Tuesday Maintenance for 19 Aug 2014


Time for some maintenance, 3am to 11a PDT….


Originally Posted by Gakonzus (Official Post)


We will be performing scheduled maintenance beginning on Tuesday, August 19, at 3:00 AM PDT and we expect the service to be available again at approximately 11:00 AM PDT. During this time the game will be unavailable for play
Edited by Gakonzus on 8/18/2014 4:52 PM PDT





UPDATE: Beta Testers Play the Blues on 21 August 2014

UPDATE 08/20/2014 @ 17:50:28

[bluequote author="Rygarius" source=""]

Hey guys and gals, I’ve received word that the Level 100 PvE Beta realm will be offline for maintenance during the event tomorrow.

  • Players interested in PvE testing (dungeon testing) should create or copy characters to any of the Beta Leveling Realms. Players will be fine for dungeon testing as their item and character levels will automatically be scaled up. What matters is having the right stats for your class.
  • Players interested in PvP testing (3v3 Arenas) are unaffected and can continue to create characters on the Level 100 PvP Beta realm.

Premade groups supports cross-realm grouping and players on all Beta realms will be able to group with each other during the playtest event. The important thing is to show up on time!


Edited by Rygarius on 8/20/2014 5:29 PM… Continue reading

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