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Classical Pianist Lang Lang Performs Lion’s Pride – Iconic World of Warcraft Tavern Music

Chinese pianist Lang Lang has collaborated with Blizzard to bring the music of Azeroth to life, performing the Goldshire tavern song Lion’s Pride! Overlaid with sounds of merriment and mirth from the actual game, the jaunty tune is one of the most recognizable World of Warcraft tavern songs.


Original music – David Arkenstone & Jason Hayes. Album – World of Warcraft: Taverns of Azeroth (Original Game Soundtrack). Blizzard China, 2022.



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Dragonflight Pre-Expansion PTR Development Notes – September 21, 2022

Originally Posted by Linxy (Official Post)

Here’s what you can find in this week’s Dragonflight Pre-expansion Patch PTR update:


  • New Talent System
    • Developers’ note: We have had to add a lot of extra spells and modifiers with the talent system, which means a lot of new names also needed to be added. While adding these new spell names we also made a pass on the names of almost every talent, and several of them are having their name changed. We tried to avoid changing terms people are very familiar with, we aren’t looking to rename core building blocks of classes or specs. Spells like Fireball, Mortal Strike and Rejuvenation are not suddenly going to be changing names. Several talents with modifiers to your spells may see some names change to get a better identity and cohesive feel with all of the other spells and talents available to your class or spec.
    • Death Knight
      • Frost
        • Anticipation – Renamed to Coldthirst.
        • Shattering Strike – Renamed to Shattering Blade.
        • Obliterate – Damage increased 10%.
        • Improved Obliterate – Max ranks reduced to 1 (was 2).
        • Rime – Increases Howling Blast damage by an additional 75%.
        • Improved Rime – Max ranks reduced to 1 (was 2).
        • Horn of Winter – Swapped positions with Cold Heart (Available after Improved Rime).
        • Cold Heart – Swapped positions with Horn of Winter (Available after Improved Obliterate).
        • Enduring Strength – Now has a connection leading to Inexorable Assault.
        • Frostwhelp’s Aid – Now has a connection to Empower… Continue reading

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch Now on PTR – Development Notes

Originally Posted by Linxy (Official Post)

World of Warcraft Version 10.0.0 PTR – Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch

This Public Test Realm (PTR) is a testing environment for the content coming with the Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch update.

To see full details on what’s in the current build, please visit the Dragonflight Beta Development Notes thread.

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Patch Development Notes


  • New Talent System
  • Mage, Priest, and Rogue available for all races


  • All ranged spell casting and healing specializations have a new PvP Talent:
    • New PvP Talent: Precognition – If an interrupt is used on you while you are not casting, gain 15% Haste and become immune to control effects for 4 seconds.
  • Updated PvP Talents


  • New HUD UI


New World Map
The World Map has been updated with the Dragon Isles!




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