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Official Dragonflight Talent System Preview

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

The Talent system has been an integral part of World of Warcraft from its inception. Over the years it has changed several times, always with the goal of bringing new and interesting choices for adventurers everywhere. The Dragonflight pre-expansion debuts the biggest change to the Talents system yet, giving you more freedom to experiment and more options to choose from than ever before. Get familiar with the changes so you can make the most of this update.


The first thing you’ll notice is that talents in Dragonflight are divided into two groups: Class Talents and Specialization Talents. Class Talents are shared among members of a given class (for example, all Paladins share the same Paladin talents) and tend to focus on utility, while Specialization Talents present ways for you to dig deeper into your chosen specialization’s fantasy, providing unique ways to enhance your powers and abilities.


Each time you gain a level, you’ll earn talent points for either your Class or Specialization. You can always check how many available points you have for each tree at the top of the interface. Mouseover a talent to read its description and click it to select that talent. As you spend points into a talent tree, new rows of talents with more options will unlock. Some talents offer multiple ranks, and you must purchase them all before moving on to options on rows below… Continue reading

Official Preview of Updated UI and HUD in Dragonflight

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

Sweeping changes have been made from the ground up to provide a clutter-free layout that allows players to customize their HUD to better fit their individual needs. Explore a fresh-looking Heads-Up Display (HUD) and User Interface (UI) designed to be adjustable, effective, attractive, and easily accessible for everyone.


Technology has advanced since we first developed the original UI in 2004. We now have more tools to create and improve quality-of-life features. We have modernized the player’s layout and view with a sleek appearance while maintaining the charm and personality of World of Warcraft’s original design.

Classic Preset
Modern Preset
Modern Preset

The minimap and health bar are much more prominent, and we’ve removed some clutter to provide more viewable space. Also, while keeping to the iconic design, we’ve cleaned up the appearance of the Action Bar. We also added a fresh set of Gryphons and created Wyverns for our Horde-loving heroes. There’s a new look for the loot and inventory display, and players can use the Combined Backpack functionality to help them find and organize their inventory items more quickly. To convert to Combined Bag, press SHIFT+B and click on the bag icon for Bag Settings.


Welcome to Edit Mode—easily accessed through your Game Menu by pressing ESC. You can now tweak, personalize, and move (almost) anything anywhere to your heart’s desire. And not only are various elements of the HUD movable, but… Continue reading

Dragonflight Pre-Expansion Update Notes

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)

The journey to the Dragon Isles is nearly here! Take a look at the first of two pre-expansion updates that go live with the completion of regional realm maintenance beginning October 25.


The Dragonflight pre-expansion patch contains major updates to World of Warcraft classes, centering on the re-introduction of talent trees. The new talent system empowers players to make creative and meaningful talent choices without compromising their effectiveness—and most importantly, it gives them meaningful options at every level. Gain talent points with each level-up and spend them in two distinct talent trees – Class talent trees featuring utility skills for your class, and Specialization talent trees that boost your offensive, defensive, or healing powers.

Take a look at some of the features the new talent system brings:

  • Change your talents anywhere, for free. Switching talents no longer requires being in a rested area or using tomes. However, you can’t change talents during combat, Mythic+ runs, and active PvP matches.
  • Starter Build – The Starter Build is a preset talent build available for players who prefer not to choose their own talents, but want a decent build that is suitable for most content.
  • Loadouts – Save and switch between multiple talent builds with ease.
    • Import Loadouts – Easily import talent builds from outside sources.
    • Export Loadouts – Copy a loadout code you can share with friends or online communities.
    • Saved Action Bars – By default, each loadout has its… Continue reading
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